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Unclogging bathtubs and sinks could end up ugly. The dirt trapped in the trap or the drain could be awlful.Piles of food particles, hair and other solid particles. Once there is such a build up, water may not drain easily in the drain due to the obstruction. A plumber may unclog the drain in the sink or toilet but leave behind a mess afterwards. Our technicians will ensure that the working site is thoroughly cleaned after unblocking the drain.


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Many visits by plumbers could end up costing you a lot of money. Our technicians will carry out a thorough drain snake service for once and save you the visits.



Our snake drain services are done in a most skilled way by our technicians. They have drain augers and closet augers to expertly assess and unblock your blocked sink or bathtub. We have the necessary training to unclog your drain of any trapped solid matter so that water starts flowing smoothly in your sink. Once they are done, they clean up the mess so that your bathtub of sink is left in a most pristine condition. Our technicians do not leave dirt, dirty water lying at the sink. We will clean up the dirt once they are done with clearing the drain. They are polite and very supportive. Should you have any problem with the quality of our drain snake services, report to us and we will not charge you for the service. We will refund you any payment that you will have made prior to the service.

For these and any other such services, please contact Drain Snake Guys on 800-693-4979.

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We carry out all manner of drain services. Our technicians have all the expertise of plumbers, so you will not require bringing a plumber once they work on your bathtub or sink. We will come to your premises armed with drain augers, closet augers, plungers, pliers, gloves and buckets, ready to carry any necessary reapair.We have a warranty clause in our contract so that in the event your sink or bathtub blocks again after we have carried out the necessary drain services, then we will carry out repair services to you at no charge to you. Talk to us today on 800-693-4979 and enquire about the drain snake services that we offer.

Replacement install

We at Drain Snake Guys, offer you a quality guarantee on the drain snake services. The fittings or installations that we carry out on your bathtub or sink will work perfectly and that you will not experience clogging any time soon after we install our own fittings. The fittings are of high quality and will therefore you a great deal of value for your money. In the event the drain snake services fail the test of time, we will revisit your site and carry out another round of unblocking the drain and install new ones absolutely free of charge! If you are still dissatisfied, ask for immediate refund.

For professional quotation, contact us on 800-693-4979 and secure a free personal consultation with our industry leaders.

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